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That's amazing. Thank you very much for that! will follow the updates

Hi, I'm a grave digger, I'm here to just upvote this post :)

Playmaker Eco-System is one of the major added-value feature they have. I'm using another tool called "Game Creator" which will also have a similar feature to share actions (A Community Hub)

I strongly encourage Bolt dev team to brainstorm ideas around this. 

Since this idea was posted, Bolt community grew bigger and bigger, some extenders and Bolt enthusiasts are already making terrific example and tutorials. 

That could start little and grow up over time to a full community hub with all the specifics you mentioned there Lazlo (versioning, editor window and all)

It could be a simple sort of repository with the Macros and a note like "Made with Bolt 1.4, might not work with current Bolt 1.6 version" and users could anyway update their macros if required. That's how Playmaker EcoSystem works, some actions exists since 2/3 years and still work fine

Imagine a new user trying to figure out how to make a Third Person Controller and be able to download 4 or 5 Macro examples made by the community so he could learn how all this works. That would be a huge step forward for self-learning and also reduce the number of redundant questions on the forums/discord

So again, a big +1 on this idea

No, there is no progress bar, it's like it's finished but the whole Unity editor isn't responsive at all to any click anywhere 

Got the same issue, here is the error

I'd like to see a Bolt icon in the hierarchy too. Some other assets I have (Master Audio) or had in the past (Playmaker) are doing that and it's very helpfull!

So I managed to get the errors despite a clean project (still lots of assets) 

The repro for me was:

-Unit Option wizard

-Add a DLL in the first page

-Add 2 Unit options in the second page (for a completely different asset)


-No errors at this stage

-Quit Unity and Restart it


-Other Major issue with that is that the Unit options added disapeared from the Unit Option wizard. It's probably related

Basically it doesn't save the unit options after a restart

For the reproduction steps honestly there wasn't much outside importing Bolt and generating the unit options within the setup wizard

The error persisted after regenerating the database and after restarting unity yes.

Yes, same as floating tabs or maximized

Can't find an edit button but: Unity 2017.4.6 and Bolt 1.4 Beta 2