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Thank you, using rigidbody resolved the issue. I now have Rewind working precisely how I hoped :)

Hello again. I am having some trouble here, I am getting a null for GetComponentInParent<Timeline>().transform

I get the correct reference with just GetComponentInParent<Timeline>(), so I'm not entirely sure what I am doing wrong. Any advice is appreciated, thank you :)

Thank you, I will take a look at it and raise a new feature request :)

Thank you for looking at it. I did raise a report with Unity, and was advised it's a duplicate of this one:

Which I'm not entirely convinced off, but OK.

I had already tried removing Final IK and Puppet Master and any IK code I had running, but that did not resolve the issue.

I have, however, significantly reduced the frequency of crashing - I updated to 5.6.1f1, and gave all my animations a tidy (removed any curves, and ensured all animations start and end on an int, rather than a floating point), and also reset all animation bools before starting to Rewind.

I've not seen a crash for a day, but I'm hesitant to say it's Fixed as I cannot repeat the issue.

May I ask one last question while I am here, I have looked through the documentation but have not found an answer. When Rewinding, is there a way to tell how much "rewind time" there is left? I could do it manually but it would be easier if it was already there, particularly when you do two quick rewinds :)

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And here is a second log I have just created. The stack trace shows a different animation related call at the top.


Thank you.

Hello Lazio, thank you for replying so quickly :)

Please find a log file linked below:


If you need me to run or do anything, please just let me know, but remember I'm a hobbyist and learning as I go :)

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