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So... it's been several days since I've tinkered with this stuff... but when I reopened the test scene to check, my test Rigidbody did not actually seem to have my test script attached.

When I attached it, it functioned as you'd expected it to. Toggling Timeline's isKinematic did indeed make the rigidbody stop moving.


So, it looks like this is just a PEBCAK situation. Sorry about wasting your time! I swear the issue seemed very real and convincing the other day.

Hi Lazlo,

The trajectory drawing is just the built-in Unity Trail Renderer component. No clever stuff even needed there!

So, turns out I've been using the latest version the whole time. I'm pretty sure, at least — I only purchased the package back in late May, which seems to be after 2.4.9 was released. I reported 2.2 because that's what I found in the changelog.pdf file that Chronos includes.

If you'd like to look at this further, I've uploaded a UnityPackage of my test scene. You'll need to import Chronos separately, of course.

The test scene instantiates and launches spheres based on what's in the "Launcher" object's Launch Target Prefabs array. Included in the package are four sphere prefabs:

  • Non-Chronos, normal Unity gravity
  • Non-Chronos, simulated gravity
  • Chronos, normal Unity gravity
  • Chronos, simulated gravity

The first three produce essentially the same trajectories. The fourth, when its Clock is a non-1 value, does not.

The simulated gravity script is included, of course, but if you'd like a quick glimpse of it, here's the entire thing:

public class SimulatedGravity : MonoBehaviour
    private new Rigidbody rigidbody;
    private Timeline timeline;

   private void Awake ()
        rigidbody = GetComponentInChildren<Rigidbody>();
        timeline = GetComponentInChildren<Timeline>();
   }     private void FixedUpdate ()
        if( timeline )
            timeline.rigidbody.AddForce( Physics.gravity, ForceMode.Acceleration );
            //timeline.rigidbody.AddForce( Physics.gravity * timeline.fixedDeltaTime, ForceMode.VelocityChange );
            rigidbody.AddForce( Physics.gravity, ForceMode.Acceleration );

The commented-out line is the formula that DOES replicate standard gravity.

Anyway, I understand that you can't issue a quick fix. I mostly wanted to be sure there wasn't something obvious that I was overlooking (which could easily still be the case), and if not, pass that along. For now, I'll continue using the formula I've just mentioned.

Thanks for your time.