Your comments

Ah, understood. I thought that assets being installed from the package manager made it so they *could* be detected more easily. I must have misread some docs somewhere.

 Glad to hear about it not throwing an error though. Perhaps if it detects Probuilder, a debug message could display saying "We have noticed you are using Probuilder. Be sure to check the
integration guide to enable full usage."?

Ok, thank you for that. I seemed to have missed that somehow. May I suggest perhaps in the Peek menu in the editor having an Integrations menu in which could link to that page? Several other assets I use had them there, so that was the first place I had looked.

All said and done, I wasn't even meaning to install ProBuilder, I meant to install ProGrids, lol.

I did want to add that I also receive this one, which seems similar, not nearly as often, but shows up as an actual error in my inspector (red instead of blue). It looks like similar things were the cause, but not quite sure why this one shows as an error instead.

[Error] MonoScriptImporterInspector.OnEnable must call base.OnEnable to avoid unexpected behaviour.
PluginContainer.Initialize() Assets/3rdParty/Ludiq/Ludiq.PeekCore/Editor/Plugins/PluginContainer.cs:84
82: }
-->84: AssetDatabase.Refresh();
86: initializing = true;

Ludiq.PeekCore.PluginContainer..cctor() Assets/3rdParty/Ludiq/Ludiq.PeekCore/Editor/Plugins/PluginContainer.cs:23
21: else
22: {
-->23: Initialize();
24: }
25: }

Good deal. Yeah, I have yet to see any sort of issue resulting from it, as you mentioned, it just seemed annoying as I like to keep a clear log, lol.

I received Bolt for free for being a Plus member, but I think that was a one time deal kind of thing.

I would definitely like to see making some tools. Like something with some buttons, or looping through multiple items to change a property on it if you have a bunch of them. selecting certain objects based on name and then doing something else with them based on something else, etc.