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On second look this is good.  People can go tho this at their own speed. Looks fairly simple  example(s) to

get the core concepts. Good for beginners that like it simple.  I wil end up reading this for sure.

Thanks for this!

Cool Thank you so much for your time.  For the time being it's the simple stuff

that sometimes frustrates me so easily , and I hate asking.

I means a lot to me, thank you.

What I need to do is turn on a script to active at a certain time,

I ma hoping the principles are transferable.

Thank you Jason


Gaa  talk about my short term memory   .here is the screen cap.

Thank so much for your answer , I will look at that.

Before I did the Bolt tutorial and found out about super Units,  I was going to ask / suggest being able to " Dock " units  kind of like what in Substance designer you can dock nodes.  But with super units no need really imho.

Thank you Jason,    I had looked at your macro's for Dot tween, they look awesome!

I had thought maybe I should try to figure it out Using your macro's, I'd be scratching my head a bit..

I believe in Bolt and there is a lot of people here with wisdom and even more to come, I am sure of that.

As a side note I watched all of GamerPET  You tube tutorial on Making a PvZ Clone, Where he gives

a shout out to you, and he said you helped him too.   Thank you for all your doing in Bolt here,

and all the help you give.  ( Yes I have lurked on Discord a few time too )

I am very excited about the future of Bolt  and it's community and all the very cool stuff coming to

Unity this year!!!     

Thank you so much !!  I had to go out, having to house sit :(   But I got back and saw WOW,

Thank you for the fast help and general caring to take the time.  I set this up and it work's great!!

Thanks again,  Mark