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Do I need something similar to this? 

That music test has a Koreography component on it and the Event ID is test-track1

I'm attempting to test this out and I am not sure where to put the Event ID. There's a tooltip in the code, but where does that show up?

Will this allow for every event to fire or just one specific defined one? I have some other question too, but don't want to bombard you.


Will this allow for things to happen across all the events on the track with that ID?

There was something wrong with the units, so I reset it back to default and it worked. Thanks!

I tried downloading the latest version from the last post, and while it doesn't give errors, no new nodes show up when I update the units and generate inspectors. I'm in Unity 2017.2.0p4 with Bolt 1.3  Did I do something wrong? Thanks. 

I tried to put this in the Ideas area, but somehow it ended up in the questions area and I can't figure out how to delete or move it. Sorry.