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It only says 1.4.0 on that page, so I might have to update


similar issue here, I have a machine that works without error until the variables that sets the number of repetitions is 9 or lower.

If I go up to ten or more, recursion error.

Problem is I need to go up to 16 max as that is what activates my spawn points and set difficulty.

Appreciate this is being worked on, I am having the same issue (1.4.0), see my flow machine below. 

I tried moving that "risk collider" logic to another object with less children and it seems to working, so maybe Unity/Bolt or Ios struggle with logic on multichildren object?

I just made another text, made some changes to the build,  built aot stubs, exported, opened in xcode and run on ios, no runtime error but the above isn't triggered

Hi Laslo,

1- Yes, I always run AOT pre-build before exporting for ios;

2- No runtime warnings on Xcode.

it seems like any logic attached to the object "rick collider" triggers correctly in the editor, not in the export.

Thanks for the help, but I had no luck.

In Bolt I couldn't find playerprefs (Tried human and programmer naming) and on Mac I deleted all entries related to the project name in the library/preference folder, but no love...

Odd I could not find player pref as according to the Unity API that is a core module and if I look at the Bolt Options wizard that module is installed.

Not exactly what you asked but I can suggest something that's working really well for me.

Find a course on Udemy and follow it step by step using Bolt. All courses explain how to develop the game in C+, but the concepts carry over quite easily. As Bolt contains all the api from Unity you don't need to learn how to rotate an object in Bolt, once you understand how to rotate an object in Unity, you will be able to do the same in Bolt.

Got it. But what is the difference between creating a variable in the Variables manager or in the inspector?

For example, in this graph, if I drag n drop the inspector variable, it won't be found, if I drag n drop the scene variable, the graph will work