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Thanks for the answer! that is good to know how that Works, i think i'm going to give it a try by myself this weekend if i cant then i will let you know. Thanks again! i really appreciate it!

Woah Many thanks to all of you! that was exactly what i was looking for! And Paul Cassaretto that Excecute over time unit looks Amazing! wonder if you would make it available in the future? 

Hey again! i know what i ask for is not really clear, in playmaker these are the actions i use to make what i want.
For this case the second one is more relevant for me right now, but learn how to sample would be nice too... 

Hey! thanks for the reply! I tried to use it but i only got a fraction of the value an is not in real time (dont know if it needs an update or how to use it in this situation), i need the value to be apply to a velocity for a jumping motion (force is good but i want to control the time it takes to reach a certain height) This is the basic idea y had for this i can't make it work.