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FYI think I found what was causing the issue but not 100% sure

Had changed some methods to private as I didn't need them exposed anymore

Then ran "Built unit options"
Then ran AOT pre-build
pressed play and then got the errors shown above. 
(If I press play before the AOT pre-build I only get the warnings not the errors)

Put the method back to public and re-built unit options

If I press play now I don't get the warnings about the missing methods but I still get the errors

Run  AOT pre-build and this error shows when the build finishes:

However if I press play the errors seem to have gone.

I put the methods back to private and re-did the steps and the errors returned so it seems to be a result of my refactoring in my C# code. 


D'oh just noticed the drop down on the Get Variable. Kinda already doing what I wanted. 

a possible idea for events:

I kept forgetting what my events were called so I added them to the app variables and then called them like this, this way I always knew what events are available and what they are called

wondered if it would be a good idea to have a specific Events tab in the variables. Anything added to this list could then populate a drop down in the Custom Events (like the variable drop down). In this example the drop down would show ON_DATA_LOADED ON_SPLASH_SCREEN etc. This would help track the events and ensure that you were not using duplicate names.

Also means you don't make stupid spelling mistakes that stop an even firing as the variable could also be used in a drop down on the event listener

Just an idea ;)

I guess I set it up inside the unit first as a default value and was surprised that the external colour was white and not the same as the internal colour.

Maybe I'm thinking of it more along the lines of 

function setCubeColours(colour=blue){return colour}

setCubeColours() will therefore = blue

where if I don't physically have a colour unit connected as below the inner default value will be represented on the outside of the unit

Still getting to grips with the intricacies of Bolt but boy is it the "cherry on the cake"

Hi, before you go any further are you sure you have the latest version of Unity? Click on Help->About Unity and make sure it says 2017.3.1f1

Might be too obvious to mention but have you got a Collider on the object you are clicking?

Have a look at the Press2D in the lean examples and use this as a base.

Enjoyed this, thanks for taking the time to make it ;)