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Just to give an update on this. A Unity dev on their forums said that there will be a fix in the next Bolt 1 update.

Just a bit more and we can move to Linux!

Thanks for the response. I'm still unable to get it to work, even with 1.4.10 so I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong. Good luck with your work tho :)

Hi! I know this is a bit old but I've tried this on elementary 5.1.4 with Unity 2019.3.6 and I am not quite sure if I reproduced the steps correctly or something but it did not work for me.
After importing the unity package and extracting the package content into "Ludiq" folder in the project I got a whole bunch of errors from different scripts.

Are you still using this solution? Would it be possible for you to share what Bolt version you were using at this time? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you very much for these, animation curve implementation is great and makes this all very versatile!