Your comments

Thanks for the compliment.  It works well for Adobe ;-)  

As for the look mode -- I knew about the q, e movement, but I've already rebound all of my Unity keys to work more like my favorite 6dof FPS game so that I can re-use that muscle memory when moving around in unity, hence the request.  I already do this by hacking my local Peek install -- but every new project I import peek to (and every update to peek), I'll have to just redo my hack.  

Anyways, this is a quick screen record of how I'm using it and why that Ctrl-P was kind of the final hotkey that breaks my workflow :-(

That's awesome!  Sorry I hadn't been able to get back on this during the week -- but I'm glad you were able to reproduce.  

I will work on reproducing my other bug (the missing script one) tomorrow for you.  Thank you for taking a look into it. 

Sure.  Anything to help make peek more awesome :-) 

I discovered that the Ludiq menu does have a "fix missing scripts" option -- but since nothing prompt me to do this, this bug still stands :-)