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I will also add it happens in Horizontal mode as well.  After full screening, the editor sub-window shifts to the right:



CLUE #2:

Just happened again on a new scene from scratch.

I have a singleton that works perfectly fine on play.  It gets wrapped in a DDonLoad.

When I drag in an event to listen to from another class (happens to be component) two things happen.

When I don't pipe in a class ref to the input of the event, I get a no sub-type error.

When I do pipe in a valid class that it's from, The singleton stops being wrapped in DDonLoad and I get the error about having duplicate singletons in the scene.


Enable and disabled the Domain Reload and it made no difference.  Same error either way.

Attempt to reproduce from scratch:

Deleted all objects and started over.  Cannot reproduce either with without the Domain Reload check box being enabled.

Possible clues as to the problem:

When it was failing, there was weird behavior after adding a Tween at one point.  To where the Tween would be wrapped in DontDestroyOnLoad but the Bolt Singleton Container would not.  Like the Tween interfered with the process.  From that point on, the Container would never be wrapped in the DDonLoad.  

I tried reproducing by adding in Tweens but it all worked together nicely with no error, so not sure how to reproduce as of yet.

I ran into the same issue.  It is probably because you need to open the graph on the instance of the class used on an object.  If you open the graph from the class definition, it won't show values because the definition doesn't live in the scene, only the instance of it is that lives on a game object.

Bolt is mostly just a graphical representation of C#.  So a vast majority of what can be done in C# can be done in bolt.  Bolt is not a bunch of premade things that already have functionality (Like say Playmaker).  It is for visual scripting of C# code.  It does have a few bespoke nodes to do some special stuff but it is the minority.

But yeah, give player prefs a try in bolt, I don't see any reason why it would not work since Bolt access all the same code and same UNITY API.  There is no reason it shouldn't.

Sure you can.  In Bolt 1 I believe there was a community made binary saver unit.

Doing it yourself there are many options than can be done in Bolt.

You can easily save standard text files with plain text, or JSON files, or XML.

You can get the ideal filepath for your target platform from unity:

Or if you want things secure where someone can't find the files on the computer or mobile phone and modify them, you can open a C# Binary stream and save and load your files in binary data (Which is what I do).

You can also use Unity's built in "Player prefs" system which is probably the easiest.

AND you mentioned RPG.  Are you needing to just store data in general as opposed to need to create persistent files?  In Bolt 2 they added the "Class Asset" type which are bolt versions of Scriptable Objects where you can store data on them to define character traits or whatever you need.  However, data you write to them in game doesn't save across game loads.

I’m sure there are assets on the asset store for pre-made virtual joysticks. But from scratch, obviously have your graphics for your outside circle and where the “point in the circle" is (Or however you want it to look). But to make the joystick have use, you need to detect touches in that area, when the touch is 'down' The joystick in one state where it is under control of the position of your touch but within a distance from the center of the joystick as a constraint. When you release the touch, it goes into a “Shoot and rebound” transition where it sends out it’s direction and velocity relative to the center of the joystick then you can use a tween to pop it back to the center.

In bolt I would definitely use my fave part of bolt : the state machine. Set up these 2 states (and I usually have an init state to initialize it before it goes into the default - untouched state). Then when it’s touched, this transitions into the pointing state where you follow your finger with constraints.  Then when untouched from this state, have a transition back to the idle state that fires off the direction and velocity for your character to shoot and triggers the tween animation back to center.

I will add that if you have a 'component' class and switch it to a 'singleton' class, Bolt removes the reference to the Class def on the Class Component script, however, it still acts like and responds like it is a 'component' class until you delete the game object the component script is attached to. Then it fully switches to the behavior of a singleton class.

Ha.  After going to VSCode to hotfix the "if" bug, when I came back to Unity and it did a compile, the events in the explorer named themselves.

They are also untitled in the explorer.  I Did get the Explorer to show their names when I made sure the events were "twirled down" and I change the name of the event in the inspector, which refreshed the explorer and gave them names.  But tried again on another class and could not reproduce that behavior.