Your comments

Awesome. Well, awesome that you seem to have a lead on an eventual solution. I'm glad I didn't know about this Unity-imposed limitation before I bought Peek, because even without this feature, it's probably the single biggest productivity-booster I've bought. 

Do y'all have anything set up for devs not in the project to try to contribute? If so, I'd be happy to at least break off a challenge or two and see if I could help move this forward. 

Either way, thanks again for the great product, and good luck on the feature addition!

Hi Lazlo,

Thanks for the response. Sucks that keeping them open during gameplay is such a pain in the butt. I'm happy to help try to find solutions or whatever, as this would make Peek my favorite thing in the world (and I'm sure other developers have a similar roadblock). If that's possible, and if it might help speed up that portion of the roadmap, please let me know