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Never mind.  I answered my own question.  When right-clicking in the graph, searching for "get forward" no longer works.  However if I manually select one of the CubePlayers (e.g. PlayerCube(4)) and click the >, Transform >, and then forward(get) can be found.

Hello Lazlo, 

I visited and contacted by e-mail to discuss an evaluation copy as mentioned on the bolt site. My e-mail wasn't answered. I didn't fill out that form at the bottom of the site because I'm not interested in a course to teach C# at the moment. On the bolt site it is stated that there is a free evaluation copy for teachers. I need to acquire the evaluation copy to test it out and make sure it will work for my students. Then I need to figure out how my school buys licenses for Bolt but doesn't lose them when the students login and grab them on their own personal Unity accounts. Some of my students want to buy Bolt for their computers at home and some do not. How do I manage that?