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After asking around in the discord server, a kind soul has helped me solve it. Below is the solution :)

Thank you for your reply. Not sure why, but somehow, with FixedUpdate and fixedDeltaTime, my character becomes super jerky when moving and the framerate doesnt really solve. With cooldown of .3f, the framrate is slightly better, by 10fps. I increased it to 1 second in the cooldown and the fps doesnt seem much different

Hey anyone knows of this issue? Or is there any top down shooter movement tutorial that is joystick based movement(Not point and click)?

Any one knows this issue? I have transited to shader graphs now, so will shader graph be easier to control the emission?

The floor has is trigger unticked and has the Floor tag too, I realised the particle effects appear all the way at the edge of the environment, I guess the raycast is checking the furthest distance and instantiate it? I have done an alternative workaround by having the particle system as children and just activate it when the projectile hits so it will always be the same position as the projectile

Solved, by using lists and foreach loops

[Solved] it seems some object will still reset it even though it was dragged, so just keep dragging other objects to test out

Hi, I've just encountered this exact same error,

  • Create a new variable
  • Set its type to Game Object
  • Drag in a scene game object
  • Press play

and it went null, was trying to use foreach loop to set a nearest target as gameobject variable, but it failed and cause all the links that is trying to get info from the variable to have error

Hey, I tried to put tags on to the trigger and now it only appears when the projectile hits the player, not on the floor, any idea whats going on?

Thank you! That helped a lot! It works now.

Solved, I plug the units into On Enter State instead of Update, this will ensure the State only runs once so it wont overlap with the other states