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That's great!  Thank you Евгений Елисеев

Thanks Lazlo.  When do you think 1.4.10 will be released to the Assets store?  And I haven't ever updated my version of Bolt yet (I'm on 1.4.4) so, is it safe to update without breaking anything in my game?

Hi Elin, I've set it up exactly how you have it and it's not firing.  It's on an embedded flow machine on the TMP text game object that I want to display the time read out.  It won't execute a debug log message either.  Any other ideas?  Thanks!

EDIT:  I re-added, rebuilt and updated the unit options for DATE TIME and now it's working.  No idea what happened....

Thank you Lazlo.  I appreciate the links and next steps to follow.  

Hi Lazlo,

Rebuilding everything on the 2019.1.9f1 version of Unity did fix the functioning of my app after building to XCode, however I still get 24,520 semantic issues that all say 'this function is not a prototype'.  Hoping this does not prevent my app from getting accepted by the app store.  Please let me know if there are risks to proceeding with all these issues and if there is something I should do to fix?  Thanks a bunch!

Hi Lazlo,

Turns out all I really needed was a TMP Input Field 'get text' unit to capture what the user types in.  Didn't need 'on value changed'.  After a month of trial and error, I've figured out a lot of my initial questions ;).  Thanks for the response.

Thanks for checking in Lazlo.  I'm not sure if it fixed it yet as I am having to rebuild everything.  It's going to take some time.  I tried exporting and importing my project from the alpha version to the full release version and that did not work.  I'll definitely get back in touch if it doesn't work after rebuild.