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OK, student tooks a few days to fix it, still has weird problems here and there

OK, so here's most inputs solution: just use a Bolt node onButtonInput and get the default Unity Input Mapping names. Some peeps have identified most of these, for example: the Go's back button is the Fire2 input, just write that name in the onButtonInput event node and you're set. For trackpad Axis, no luck for me so I used and dragged their touch input script into the Bolt graph and go the touchpad axes in Bolt. I know it should work your way but here is how I got it.

I had to add an animation with an empty keyframe to get that to work, P

H,l just pasted your code into a new script attached to a game object, here is the complaint: Assets\xxx.cs(5,19): error CS0116: A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods


That sounds about right, but so many little things I am not getting straight:

- what's Input Manager GameObject? Is that an empty game object on which you put that script?

- what's the "go" object, is that the "OVRControllerPrefab"?

Sorry, confused here, the code looks clear btw, PG