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i dont know then where can be a problem ) 

maybe somebody else can help

probably cos you update and loop each  frame all graph when somthing in the list .  try to delay  0.2-1 second somehow

 2events from enemyfinder when it find smth  so less parralel updates

3  maybe  one more branch  when one enemy choosed  dont loop until it killed    or use  once for  loop   and when killed -event to reset

im not sure what method good - i like every x second and cooldowns  and probably fixed update not for this situations at all

i dont know your game situation /probably as variant check with scr magnitude?  if more then number return to start position - it can be stored when ai start to chase, so it will return to that place

Bolt Version:1.3

maybe cos of your version / it was fixed in 1.4 as i remember

probably its becouse it takes world(global) position instead of local. it always hard for my mind i just try different ways

and probably you can use forward +5 .but i dont remember local it or global.

 maybe good idea will be debug from current position to position with +5 to see whats going on

Oh ok. i understand. i avoid it with change detect so dont need fast solution .but will be good to see working unit in future. thank you for answer)

playmaker  will not make you better coder. it works with premade blocks .(states)  code inside them. and you just connect that blocks.

  bolt is   visual scripting . and if you see anywhere on unity site a script example you can remake it in bolt. just copy paste words /find them in bolt searcher and then connect them / this is immposible in playmaker.

im not coder but after bolt i understand whats happening in unity scripts and can read them

you can make game in both. but in my opinion playmaker has limitations/ + in PlayMaker you need connectors to plugins that can be outdated or you can miss some future becouse author didnt made block for it /

in bolt you have all code


ye like  jason said first copy items from one list to another and then manipulate how you want change or remove