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No, but it's not difficult to get. Not sure if this is only happening in play mode. But it would be better to start in play mode as TowerCrow got it there. 

Can give you my project. 


No precise reproduction steps, only doing random stuff and then undoing/redoing. Easy to get though. 

It's ok, you're not bothering me at all 😊 Just try with the non-beta version and everything should be fine I think. I am using 2019.2.1 and everything's great. I will post screenshots in case you can't open with non-beta version.

Wish you the best 😊

Also, want to let you know that the asset I've deleted, which caused this Peek problem, had missing "#if UNITY_EDITOR" and "#endif" in it's scripts. It did not let me build my project hence I've deleted it. Dev told me I can easily fix this problem by adding those things, it did fix the problem, and the next day dev updated the asset 😊

So, was it the problem? How are you doing?

I think it's because of your Unity version! 3's still beta. Many people already had problems with unstable newest Unity versions and Bolt. Also, newest Bolt is 1.4.10. In case nothing works — I can send you screenshots of everything.

Add NavMeshHit to your Unit Type options. If it still doesn't work, then I don't know what to do. You could try empty project with newest Bolt to check if that's compatibility issue.

Updated original post. It should work now. Good luck!

Sure! But only in up to 6 hours. I'm glad someone found it useful. 😊

I've meant Fullscreen Editor asset 😊 It's a compatibility issue with another asset. At first I didn't notice that. It's not a big deal. 

Happy new year 😊