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Hi Lazlo,

Glad you are back :) 

We finally decided to switch to Bolt 2 even we know it might not be stable at moment, but since we are still not far away from the start of out project, we didn't experience too much problem during the switch. 

It seems the feature of C# generation fixed the issue, I guess that's because of there's less deserialization since the logic is running directly over C#?

The only problems bothering us for now are 

1. it's hard to retrieve the graph variables declared inside the super units, these variables are generated within the graphData property of their parent, not sure this is a bug or not, but we could use object variables as a workaround.  THIS feature might resolve the problem, was it planned for v2.0.6 ?

2. Sometimes we would like to expose a parameter of Graph type, if Bolt could provide something like a "self graph" node that we can pass it to any nodes inside the current graph, it will help.

Thanks for the support. 

Hi Lazlo

I saw the line in the changlog of the latest version:

Legacy AOT collections failing to deserialize with Odin

Not sure if it would address the issue or not, however after I upgraded to the latest version, the PS4 crashed during preloading, the callstack seems close to what's described in THIS post.

Any ideas ?


Just found out the crash call stack is close to THIS thread.

The call stack from my project is uploaded:


I can confirm the issue is the same as described HERE, I got the same crash as Oliver's, but as I said, even by NOT using the embedded graph, it still occurs. like from the example, a simple super graph could also result the crash.

We raised the flag to Unity, while waiting for their fix, I would like to know if there are any further suggestions ?

Thank you

Thanks Lazlo,

I did as you suggested by making a copy of project, deleted the Ludiq folder from Bolt1, imported asset package of Bolt2, ran "Fix Missing Script", restarted Unity, all seem to be good so far! 



Hi Lazlo,

Thank you so much for your support, the log files are attached, some of them seem to be related to AOT, does bolt2 come with the option "AOT Pre-Build" as bolt1 ?


Hi Lazlo,

I couldn't reproduce it anymore, it might occur under very specific steps, I will keep an eye on it.

Thank you for the support.

Hi Lazlo,

Thanks for the help, I've sent you the project attached in the email, let me know if you any more info.


Same error here while trying to start a simple game with PS4 build.

The game I'm using for testing is the Platformer Tutorial, Unity version is 2018.3.10f1.