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Hi Lazlo,

could you replicate the problem?

I just had the same Error.

Looks like TweenRotation is expecting a Quaternion but it is only accepting a Vector3 as Input on the node...

Hi Lazlo,

thank you for your reply.

The reproduction steps are:

  • New project in Unity 2018.3.12f1
  • Switch Platform to Android
  • Change API Comp Level to .NET 4.x
  • Import Bolt 2.0.0a5
  • Restart Unity
  • Run Full Extract
  • Create Cube
  • Add Flow Machine to this Cube
  • Add Macro to Flow Machine
  • As an example I simply added a "Tween Position" on the Start Event
  • Create a prefab of that cube
  • Remove the cube from scene hierarchy
  • Add new scene variable of type GameObject and assign the cube prefab from the assets
  • Create empty GameObject
  • Add FlowMachine
  • Add Macro
  • On Start Event: Add Instantiate Unit and use the value from the scene variable
  • Generate C# Scripts
  • Test in GameView -> Cube moves
  • Add scene in build settings
  • Build and test on Android Emulator -> Cube doesn't move

    Hope this helps, let me know if you need more info to reproduce.
    I couldn't find "Debug Build", only "Development Build" however where do I find the Error logs?

    I'm really liking Bolt and how easy it makes sripting in Unity, thanks for all your effort!!

ok, I found something out: If I assign the Scene Variable to a Instance of the Prefab in the Scene Hierarchy it works but not when I choose the same Prefab from the Assets folder. I'm new to Unity and Bolt, so please let me know if this is normal behaviour. Thanks!