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Disregard last.  I just needed to select a different Raycast option.

I have it now.  For Unity 2017.2+ you should enable UnityEngine.CoreModule as default.  It wasn't available until I enabled that.

Super!  I really needed this functionality.

I was looking for something like this.  Thanks!  Newb question - how to I get the into Bolt to use?

The UnityEngine.CoreModule was missing as well.  It didn't have access to transforms or gameobjects.  I got that one figured out but it is a bit of a pain having to find them and add them.  Bug?

You got'er otter! It was just the missing UnityEngine.Physics Assembly.  Thanks!

It is a 3D shoot on Windows Universal Platform (mixed reality).  I am using 2017.3.0b2.  That window that you showed (fuzzy finder) is what I expected to see but it is everything but those options.