Your comments

I'm using blot to make a monopoly game

(almost only bolt)

no problem

is this complex ?or simple……

me too…………But it's not sure what caused it.

run frames less than 5 frames
test game takes 10 seconds to open

When there is a large number of unit in graph, it will appear

if  I disabling "Create Scene Variables" ,the will be same error 

so,I  think  I should wait  for your fixing。

I sincerely hope you will soon get well

thanks!!!!It is very useful !

when I add a variables and Select one type  ,then  do not write anything 

Select another obj and come back 

you can see the variables resetting

I only made a  empty obj  and the playmode is hanging for a good 7 seconds... 

this is a huge lag compared to without Bolt...


me too

its so slowly when I want testgame  

and the graph will be lags by use more………………

when I input unit name to find ,(like the variables which I make)

and the finding is so slow

then I cancle the input  

then  error  consistently happen 

I creat a new scene ,just add a flow machine in a empty object ,and delete the flow…………

but it happen occasionally……