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just downloaded this, but don't have the option to change color,?

I don’t think of any other use case now. Thanks for your help

Hi Lazlo, that is a great idea and will solve the overloads use case very neatly! ... for any other cases, have you check the idea I rewrote above? That does not involve docking the fuzzy finder. I am pasting it here again... “Giving this another thought,  perhaps adding a small button (toggle) at the top of the fuzzy finder window that will keep it open so it will not close itself right  after each click on an item. So it would allow to multiple clicks(selections) then be able to close it with a escape or a  “X” button . I hope this is more feasible”

Hi, another use case of mine is when I don’t know exactly what overload for a function I need until I try some of them. It would be nice to select several of them at once , tried them and delete what I  don’t need. 

Thanks will check that 

Hi Jason,  can you post a quick “how to”, for the ilSpy decompilation?

Yeah that would be really useful. I have seen that in Visio and PowerPoint as well...

Hi Lazlo, thanks for your quick answer!  I get it :)

Wouldn’t be easier to create a flow machine attached to a prefab? Assign this prefab to all 100 buttons and have inside a 1 single on button click event with a self variable. 

I was having the same issue on Mac with new version 1.2.0. I updated the Unit Options(Tools --> Bolt --> Update Unit Options) that resolved my issue