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Not going lie. Did not know action sequence was even a thing haha... I'll check it out soon and see if it works. Thanks

That said, what's the deal with the "next frame event fix". Just making sure I don't create any other problems for myself by overwriting that.

Hey, I don't know if I am going insane or not. But I am having major problems sending variables to bolt from playmaker. I got it working in a strange way but it's far from clean. For some reason the variables I send over don't send correctly and instead sends nothing, clearing the original variable. So it is doing something... That said if I send the variable every tick until it matches the variable I am sending over, it works. well mostly, if I don't have certain windows active in the editor then it keeps sending the wrong information. 

A few other important notes; If I just send something manually put in from PM to BOLT it works fine. I think? But having it send via variables I make seems to throw it off completely.

And before you ask, yes I checked to see if it was sending the variable before it collected the correct information in PM first.

Unity 2019.1.6

BOLT 1.4.3f2

Playmaker 1.9.0.p16