Your comments

I think that it occurs only in "Embed graph".

I got it wrong.

I thought it was slow because of the values component, but it seems that other Bolt related components may be a problem.

I can not open the Inspector.
Action is required.

It is new error.

( Bolt v1.2 + hot fix )

this graph is in state machine's transition

After AOT pre-build, this api make error in iOS

and This api can't find in AotStubs.cs

BUT !!!!

After I add this node to dummy state (not transition)

Work's well and I can find generated API in AotStubs.cs

Sorry My Poor English ~~~~~

I had to find the location of the error by erasing the graph and the node one by one.

I spent a lot of time looking for this bug node. I want to be able to see in the error log which graph, which node has an error.

If this is possible, it will save a lot of time in debugging.

It works well in Editor and Standalone !!!