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Hi! I was thinking on buying Chronos and have few technical questions. As far as i could understand from tutorial videos Chronos uses global and local timescale unit. So the question is how Chronos will work with "Wait for Seconds" unit, Coroutines, unscaled time animations, particles and other such things. will Chronos override Bolt's Flow component logic or maybe i will have to rebuild Bolt's macros to make it work?

Also, does this ability (to slow and fasten time) can be created with Bolt's timescale unit? Don't get me wrong, it's not about the money that Chronos cost ) I just want to be sure that everything will work fine and there will be no errors in console. Since i'm not a coder and barely can fix any errors, which potentially can be caused by having Bolt and Chronos in the same project. Thanks!

Little tip, for people who are also ain't that smart as myself: 

To access object bellow in the hierarchy (like you want to disable kinematic bool trigger, for example) you'll need to set flow machine on the highest level of the hierarchy, add object variable and the trick is to set it in "Instance", so in this case you can put an object from a lower hierarchy as a value for your gameObject type variable.

Sorry if this is obvious, wasn't for me though)

Thanks, i'll try object variable. Should work)

How do you mark units as a coroutine? is there an option or something? Sorry, i'm new to Bolt