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I'm having the same clipping issue when zooming from 0,95x to 1x. Is there a way to clamp the zoom to 0,95 instead?
Not a big deal though, since other stages are fine.

Hi Lazlo,

I just did the test example I did initially and there is no noticeable lag anymore for me. Aweseome! :)

Hi there,

I get this error sometimes when starting Unity together with the warnings "dictionary/variable assets failed" (which I read will be fixed in 2018.3, but have been before this error appeared). I'm currently on Unity 2018.2.14f and the latest Bolt version in Net 4.x.

I get randomly Unity crashes. I have no idea when, but with no other errors maybe this is the reason.

Greetz Marten

Failed to load unit options.
Try to rebuild them with 'Tools > Bolt > Build Unit Options'.

at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Threading.Monitor.Exit(object)
at Ludiq.BackgroundWorker.ReportProgress (System.String title, System.Single progress) [0x0001c] in <0828d6c22fd54865b8a825458bd741a9>:0
at Ludiq.ProgressUtility.DisplayProgressBar (System.String title, System.String info, System.Single progress) [0x0000f] in <0828d6c22fd54865b8a825458bd741a9>:0
at Bolt.UnitBase.Load () [0x0010a] in C:\Users\lazlo\Projects\Bolt1\Package\Bolt.Flow\Editor\Options\UnitBase.cs:107
Bolt.UnitBase:Load() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Bolt.Flow/Editor/Options/UnitBase.cs:138)
Bolt.UnitBase:AutoLoad() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Bolt.Flow/Editor/Options/UnitBase.cs:37)
System.Reflection.MethodBase:Invoke(Object, Object[])
Ludiq.BackgroundWorker:Work() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Plugin/Changelogs/Changelog_1_4_0.cs:58)

Hi there,

thats good to know, thanks. Now, how can I assaign the Value in the Variable window? I have nothing to choose from.

Maybe I tell whats the case I need it:
I want to store an Item(Gameobject) and its spawn location (2x Vector3)in a list on a sceneObject which then spawns the items. I could create 3 lists for each variable, for a workaround but meh. So the idea is, to store the data in a class item and pass this item to the list instead.

Thats one part, correctly. I'm already looking forward for version 2 :) When I see your roadmap, there is a lot of stuff which makes me much excited about it, but also it looks like, Bolt 2 will take much more time to ship. So it kinda leaves me waiting for the one day, without a solution for my actual problem than learning C# to compensate. I think I won't come around this process but it might be necessary for the better use of Unity even with Bolt anyway. I might have found the right direction for getting my Unit done soon. So I'm gonna leave me satisfied here. Cheers Marten

use "clamp". It defines a maximum and minimum and uses their values instead of the higher/lower rotation values. The First Person Controller Tutorial hase alot of useful information too to get started with angles and rotations.

If you still like to see the full profiler data, the upload just finished:

Nice, looking forward to Bolt 2! But seems to take a longer while, so improvements on Bolt 1 would be great!

I'm getting in touch with object pooling. Maybe it will provide a usefull and better performant way to handle my stuff.

May the thoughts be with you!

ohman... xD I just stop it here. the saved profiler data is 1.6 gb big. I will upload it, but maybe you find it already in the pic. *edit* when uploading the pic here it loses quality and gets unreadable. Have a look at this link instead:

I saw a comparison of the serializers. Looking forward for this Odin implementation, but even that 4x-speed up would leave a serious and unplayable lagspike.

I'm already on Bolt 1.4. The steps this instantiation takes is insane from what the profiler shows.

Just want to clarify that having an empty flow machine on the object doesn't cause it to lag. Only with a macro inserted (or embed type).

Hi Lazlo btw, and thanks for joining.

lagspike profiler pic.png

I saw this lecture from Bret Victor a couple years ago, who showed his ideas about programming, game design and video editing. It totally stunned me. The making of of games is pretty much away from what dreaming of them is. The gap between imagination and telling a computer how to achiev a lookalike goes from time to time deep into dry, hard math and coding. But things are changing in a good way, closer to it. The invention of programming languages on the first layer, engines and visual scripting on a second layer will be followed by more and more layers each getting more intuitive and away from coding in the way we know c# and so on.
If you are interested:

To know what is what and how to achiev things what takes years over years to accomplish is hard. It's a mountain to climb, but aslong as you do so, the top end will shrink and you get much more to stand above. Your view will spread and will take more things into account wich create more connections and provide a better understanding. Even on the codebase of sight. Like the different programming languages there are different types of visualisation tools coming from different minds. From the first quick look on construct 2 it looks like the question is, what you want to achiev. You might do rotations and other stuff much easier in construct 2 but will be limited in what else you can do in the end. But I agree that some things are a bit overcomplexed.