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Just want to add.. Actually the problem appears only when you want to add many blocks from 1 class or menu. Like need to add GET vector3.x and vector3.y and vector3.z.. Every time needs to open the Finder. So I suggest (sorry if it already was suggested) - Just do the "Recent class from which you added the block" tool tip. Like this:

Thanks you Lazlo for your work! All is work now..

but, I checked it lot of times - I have the ParticleSystem.MinMaxGradient in the Unit Options Wizard.

but DON'T have the UnityEngine.ParticleSystem.MinMaxGradient.op_Implicit line in the AotStubs!

so I deleted AotStubs file manually and redo it. And only after that I've got the line and bug was fixed.

may be it will help somehow in other cases...


Oh, sorry - I mean code/flow in the screen. without it all is working as should)

Sure, I made AOT a lot of times.. and this code works in Unity, and worked before.. the problem appears after update and only on device (without AOT other game features won't work)

there are lines in AotStubs:


but I also noticed lines like:


"_ctor" seems strange for me..

- Any way, if I've just delete the code I've mentioned - all is work! 

Lazlo, I rebuild the game several times and found the code which causes the error. This code is worked on old .Net version or old Unity, and after I updated all, it creates errors. I can't set the new color to particles!?

Same (harmless)  problem by the way. I think it is somehow connected with States Flow. I've created "Any state" node and connected with empty node with "Application quit" event and it is help a little bit, but sometimes it is still there

Thank you very much, Elin!

By the way, the related question - Why not to use the Timer node for that kind of tweens?

As I understand, there is a coroutine inside the Timer. 

Is this any critical issues with optimization and lags when we are using Timer node for many-many times?

Yes, it is an old bug, but it's not so important to disturb Lazlo from "classes in Bold 2" ))

Hi - very strange graph to me)

1 - Why there is "emeny"? You mean - "enemy"? )

2 - Why this Get and Set variable node marked as scene variable? - you have an object variable type

3 - Why this variable is float?

You want to send the gameobject to variable, just make the null variable (or gameobject variable with reference to other prefab) and Get position will work even if it is marked as yellow warning. 

By the way, I've noticed that "String.Concat" node works rather strange and with 4 elements doesn't work at all for me. Try to combine string in other ways, may be it will help.