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That would explain the inconsistency of it only _sometimes_ working..

Is there no way to create a work-around? Even during the game jam I was using upwards of 5 tabs and kept forgetting some of them due to Unity restarts. Some way to save the state of each Graph tab, then on restart iterate through all Editor Windows of type <Graph tab>s? Even if it might be in the wrong order? No idea how it works under the hood, but though its a relatively minor issue, its so annoying to have to face it again (almost) every day..

Not sure if I understood correctly, but the Community addon has a Manual Event that you can trigger in Editor with a button on the Graph. Not sure if that fits your use-case or not though.

I think its fine to assume you've stopped creating a connection if you start messing with the graph inspector settings. Seems like unnecessary work to preserve such a niche "feature" after all.

So long as you the Bolt graph doesn't suddenly go blank from a seemingly innocuous action I think its a definite win :P

Hmm. Today's the first time this has worked for me (graph tabs remembering on Unity startup) in the past 2 weeks (at the very least). Haven't updated anything. So I guess this feature was already implemented but just isn't working all the time due to Unity reload shenanigans..

That's really cool in terms of finding where all your super units are! especially the distinction between graph/macro. A dedicated toolbox is also pretty cool, currently using a separate Graph tab to organize all my useful custom units.

That said, I guess I'm just fixated on the idea of a hub for organizing and linking to all our graphs and points of interest.

I'm just imagining something with your Find functionality, with all those options, but as a Unit with a button on it (similar to the manual trigger community unit). Then just putting them all in a separate Graph tab (or shelf) to be organized as you will. With in this case empty super units acting as reference points instead of Comment units. Which is the functionality I'm kinda getting at in the initial post. (if you ignore the problems of the graph not opening in a new/different Graph tab, and the problem of multiple results of course :T )

But that might be a better suggestion, reusing the tools already present in Bolt rather than making yet another window to house them.. It'd have to be done manually, but that's a small price to pay for organization honestly.

That's.. weird..

I know I've used that a bunch in Bolt 1.4 and I find no reason why they might have removed it in 2.0...?

Wouldn't [Transform: Child Count] be easier/more-effective? (I'm assuming anyways)

While slightly different, I think mine is a related issue, but in 2018.3.7f (1.4.2 net4) creating a variant prefab would have the variant lose Object Variables and the State Machine reference, no matter how many time you apply/revert changes.

Updating to 2018.3.12f1 seems to have fixed it, putting down repro steps in case it helps.

1. Make Cube Gameobject. Attach Flow/State Machine. Set an Object variable test = 10
2. Drag in to Project to make Prefab
3. Change value of test to 200 or something
4. Drag in to Project and make it a Variant Prefab.
5. (I forget if you need to instantiate a new Variant or if it affects the current one in the scene)
6. Check Variant. All object variables are missing. Flow Macro reference may be missing, or the component may be empty altogether.

Just noticed one of the suggestions was missed (admittedly the wording is rather opaque)

Quick way to make space in a graph using alt-drag left-click. Something similar would be useful for large spaghetti code that goes on forever in a single direction. (Grasshopper) Example attached:


Probably faster to ask in Discord (unless you already did)
But the Flow has to go through the Add Item first.

Sometimes you don't need to connect the flow, and Bolt is smart enough to dynamically fetch what is needed, but Add List is not one of those cases (I'm guessing because its actively doing something, in which case the order matters)