Your comments


Just so you know I am not being lazy, I have done some 'homework'

I see that you actually used Fracturing Destruction also in your trailer (nice....)

I have read through the forum and looked at the migration tables you have (very good)

The thing for me is that, before I spend the money I want to be sure that I can achieve what I need.

Are you able to provide an example of how Chronos would work with one of the Fracturing demos like floor exploding, or the sphere dropping onto the other? what needs to be changed or added to the chunks or main fracture scripts?

My coding skills are not good I can only work by example I can change all the time.deltaTime instances of course.But I am worried that your first instruction like 'make the non-static component public' will go over my head.

I'm really looking forward to acquiring Chronos if I can manage to create time control effects with the Fracturing asset

Many thanks