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sadly but profiler doesn't during scene loading, so yea, hard to say what's going on during that time

yea, did it, have copied the content of state to flow graph from previous commits and then tried to open it on newer commit, doesn't work

content of state

then I made changes to LevelData.cs (SerializedScriptableObject) and one gameobject is ok and second is always losing reference with no messages in the console, always silent. Maybe I am doing something dumb? If you really want I can send the whole 1.2 Gb project
before c# changes, 2 gameobjects have reference to same SerializedScriptableObject

have created 2d instance of PlayerManager(SerializableScriptableObject) and the bug is not reproduces, don't know if it's possible that everything ok, but the file is corrupted in some way

yea, I have a lot of plugins, updating how? press Reimport All?

dont get what to do and Build Unit options is not helping