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cube is a prefab with flow machine. in the flow there is just the tweening. 

Then I create three instances of the cube. 

so ... now. If the script in the cube is macro just one cube moves. 

But ... if the script is embeded, all are moving. 

This is all in Live Mode. But ... if I switch to macro again and use generatet Mode. Everything works again. 

So ... maybe I don't understand a concept. But I allway try to work as modular as possible and want to reuse the scripts. So here I have to decide, using generated and not beeing able to use the advantage of live flow while debugging or embeding, whats not very efficient if you have lots of instances. :-)
But how I said. Maybe its just an issue of the tweening. 

Not a thing. Just wanted to report it, in case its unintensional. :-) Thx for the feedback.

Nope. Sorry ... I was so irritated, that my first action was another few undos, because I thought maybe I did a strange key combination, where I deleted the stuff. And the next impuls was to close and reload, and hoping that its back. ;-)

And, no ... hadn't a copy, but I was able to reconstruct it quite fast, because I hat some older versions and superunits with parts of it. No prob. 

But I realy tried to reproduce it without result. Don't know what was the point, and why it happend. Always difficult, if a problem just apears so infrequently. 

Next time I will analyse it better ;-) ...

Tried to reproduce it, but without success. :-\

Ooops. Sorry. Again wrong category. Was meant for "Bugs".

Yes. But I made a small test. The thing is. If I do c

opy, and then paste it multiple times I can see where the problem is. The node always pastes on the same spot (with a small offset.) ... while the position of the group window depends on the panning of the graph. So its always positioned in the middle of the window. :-)

I have similar problems: if there is a node with a "group" around it and I activate both, then press copy & paste on keyboard to make a copy ... then the node is elsewhere (half or completly out of the group box.)

I think, this is only since the latest version.


Ahhh ... with the fix it workes perfect. thx

Somehow "Stuff Happens" and "comment" doesn't appear in my fuzzy finder. Is there something different. ToDo is there. Have latest Version 2.2.1  and .NET3. Any Idea ?

Ah ... and another one. Seems to be connected to the other. If I use a supernode in a flow chart. I open the supernode, change some of the output connectors in the graph inspector, then its not updating in the output node/box. Then it suddenly updates, if I disconnect and reconnect the wires. But then, if I go back to my main flow chart, where the supernode is connected, there is also no change. Have to drag the node again in the chart then its updated.

Same happens, when I change the name of the macro. Still in the chart the old name. Something wrong with my installaton ?