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Nope, standard 1920x1080 "hd" screen.I assumed it had something to do with the snapping as I had recently turned it on, and that's when the re-sizing started to happen. But it re-sizes with snapping off as well, so that's not the reason (I think, I really have no clue) Thank you for the response! :D

I should update this tutorial and replace "Find game Object" with a Get Variable unit and add reference to the camera using the variables panel. That way you attach the camera object directly and you have the connection established from the get go without risking null errors. But if you want to make sure you find the camera everytime without a null return then make sure the name is something exremely specific like "FPS Camera Head" or something that nothing else in the scene is named and then find that gameobject using that name.

Using find should be avoided for the most part because of this risk. Use references instead!