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This has been bugging me too. Every time you have to go up to bolts update wizard, every time choose again you’re preferred naming system, the click to the next screen, then look first for what you need and then wait until everything generates again, which can take minutes each time.

How would this be done in C#? Wouldn’t we not just use the keyword using in the header? And the have every type available that we might or might not need?

It would be ok, If it did not have to regenerate everything each time, just add that what we need to the list.

That is a good idea. I like that one.

Thats the one. Thanks, I look very forward to that working.

OpenCV sadly cannot detect spaces between words, so I cannot use that.

I wrote to the developers of Google speech plugin for Unity and asked them if they could do a Google vision plugin. To my surprise they said yes and have got it finished under 20 days.

It is now awaiting asset store approvals. So now I can make my own glasses using Bolt, Google Vision and the ODG R9 or R8.  

This is the forum to Google Vision

Good idea but you are mostly going to be dragging out from unit nodes and the fuzzy will appear exactlly there where your mouse is. But as you say it is always nice to have extra options. Maybe Lazlo will put this one in for you.

Use List or you can add array to your Type option. Under Tools/Bolt/ Unit option wizard then click either human or programmer then click next and then click add at the bottom by clicking the plus then add the array, just type in array.

Very Wicked, works really well.

Thanks Elin, but now you just have a prefab without a scene. In your last download I got also the scene and it works fine after importing cinemachine.

If you want to know how to export packages properly, then watch a quick video I made for you.

If you don’t want to watch the video, then just read the comments.