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Blueprints in UE4 do your first options, a simple reference to the object in the scene. They also have a right-click 'add reference to <selected object>' context option in the level script.

With this in mind, Only LevelScripts allow you to do this with scene objects. This is because UE4 has no way of guaranteeing that object will exist, or a way to find it. Does Bolt handle this type of behavior with Macros? How does Bolt handle linking to that scene object across scenes?

I haven't gotten the Timeout Exception but I have gotten hangs in the fuzzy-finder requiring a restart.

The only thing I've found is that it seems to hang sometimes when I quickly restart my search. Although I work on two different machines and it has only happened on one of them. When I get a chance I will try to record a gif of the type of searching I do and hopefully cause the hang.

There may be another cause, like if the unit options is updating in the background while I am searching, or something similar.

On the machine I have access to right now I could not cause the hang.

Some of the fuzzy finder improvements in future versions will help, but yeah. The best thing to do since you have the experience is maybe to think of it as just writing code. I would switch away from the Human Naming if you are more comfortable with the C#. Good luck!

You should be able to do it exactly the same way as in C#.

(Put this inside of a macro.)

Or you can take this package I just made for it:

Alternatively you can make the function in C# and just call it directly after updating your unit options. :) For things that are pretty simple but take some structure I tend to go to C# because I'm more comfortable there.

Basically anything you can do in C# you can do in Bolt, it just might be more verbose feeling. So merging the two can be really great.

You can use the Boolean logic operators to do this.

For example: OR
Instead of:


The other option is AND

Instead of:


I would like AND and ORs to have unlimited inputs, but that is because I'm a bit lazy. :)
You should be able to do all sorts of branch work with just AND or OR. But there is a whole set of great logic operators under the logic category in the fuzzy finder.