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I won't lie, I'm very interested in this tutorial; however, take your time and please make sure to take care of yourself too Lazlo!

Can you elaborate on the upcoming asset store promotion? Please tell me it's not another one of those crazy sales where nearly everything is on sale? If so, I need to know when to avoid the asset store, lol!

Awesome, I'll give the manual try later this evening. Thanks!

No worries my friend, just happened to discover it while testing some scenarios and getting accustomed to the work flow. Nothing mission critical.

Keep up the great work Lazlo! 

I was able to reproduce the issue with a blank project.

I have attached 2 scenes and the Super Unit Flow Macro. (Bolt Test Scenes)

  • The first scene has 2 scene variables (Float1 and Float2). The Flow machine simple adds the 2 values together and output the value to the console on startup.
  • The second scene is basically the same, except I introduce the Super Unit to the flow.
    • The Super Unit takes a Float input (iValue) and adds 1 to the input value and then returns the result as a Float (rValue). 
    • In the Flow we're feeding Float1 to the Super Unit, which will add 1 to the variable, then return the result.
    • This result will then carry through to the next Node in the Flow and complete as expected

Upon restarting unity:

  • Scene 1 - Bolt Test Scene (without Super Unit) loads with it's variable intact
  • Scene 2 - Bolt Test Scene 2 (with Super Unit) loads with both of it's inline values removed

Please let me know if you need any other data from the scene or have any questions...

  1. Do you get any error or warning in the console?
  2. No errors when closing or opening Unity. The flows obviously doesn't work, so it complains about the missing values upon play, but nothing more than that from what I can tell...

  3. Does it only happen with scene variables?
  4. Haven't really tried different 'Types' of variables, but it did remove the 'Horizontal ' axis from "Input - Get Axis" node

  5. Does it only happen with "get" units, or "set" as well?
  6. "set" variables are removed as well

  7. Can you send me the graph data of the graph in which it happens?
  8. Graph Data Link: Bolt Graph Data

    I just made a simple Flow, which concatenates 3 arguments together on startup. It works just fine and I can shutdown and reopen Unity without the inline values being removed. I then made a new Flow Macro (Super Unit), which is about as basic as it can get. I then add this Super unit to the previous flow. During my current session, it works flawlessly; however, as soon as I restart Unity, these inline values are gone. Something with the Super Units is causing my values to be removed...

Ahh, thats slick!