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While being in Play mode select the object in Hierarchy you want to see the graph for, scroll down to the Flow Machine component in the Inspector and press the big "Edit Graph" button.

Bolt 2 is in alpha. That means new features are prioritized over bug fixing.

You can manually enable and place any Bolt windows as you need.

> If there's another way, I would like to know? I'm still learning bolt.

No worries, we were all new here at one point. You integrate 3rd party assets via Bolt's Unit Options Wizard. It's not related to the documentation in any way. So you can still use Bolt with another asset. 

Bolt is still 100% usable without generating documentation. The process of generating documentation is getting completely overhauled for Bolt 2 so you won't have any issues with it once that releases.

Please also read these resources:
1. FAQ:
2. Known Issues:

Hey. You can't find it because such functionality doesn't exist. Bolt 2 generates C# code from Bolt graphs but it doesn't parse C# code to Bolt graphs. And that generated code will still be Bolt dependent. The whole C# generation is done mainly for performance reasons and not as a means of outputting C# scripts without dependencies.

You could clean up the generated C# scripts to be Bolt independent but then it defeats the purpose of it. Might as well code in C# from the beginning.

So in short, Bolt 2 doesn't parse C# code to Bolt graphs. And there are no plans currently for a such a feature. 

Since TextMeshPro is not native yet and it works more like a 3rd party asset you have to add "TeshMeshPro UGUI" in Bolt's Unit Type Options Wizard and then regenerate units. 

Glad you got it working.

A wild guess but did you check animation curves?