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Everything's sorted now, Naninovel dev has access to Bolt and will aim to integrate it for next release:

You can alt+right click the connection noodle to remove it currently but it's way harder to hit it than the arrowhead. And it does require an extra button press and hold.

I like the newly added functionality but I'm also in favor of returning connection removal on right-clicking the arrowhead. Just because it's so much easier to hit with a mouse and it doesn't require an additional button press.

At the very least I'd like to see alt+right click to work also on the arrowhead. That way it would keep consistency with the alt right-clicking the connection noodle and we wouldn't have two different removal methods which is kinda bad from UX perspective. But I'm still not a fan of a basic, very frequently used operation requiring extra button presses though.

You could read up on the Unity scripting API but I think it's a tough place to start because you don't know what you need for the systems and mechanics you want to implement. So I personally think the best place to start is a C# introductory/basics course on Udemy, Pluralsight or Youtube if you don't want to pay. If you choose programmer naming in Bolt you can type in Fuzzy finder exactly what you see in the C# script to get the same code in node form. It's fairly straight forward and shows you exactly how Unity and Bolt work on a basic level. 

Once you have the basics down you can look up courses or Youtube tutorial series on a game genre you want to make and translate those to Bolt. At some point in the process, you should have enough knowledge to start implementing your own designs down the road.

Bolt can integrate most assets by default. I doubt there's anything needed from Ludiq people to make this integration happen but there might be things that need to be tailored on Naninovel side to work well with Bolt.

Please see how integration is achieved in Dialogue System asset: It should give a good idea on how to achieve something similar for Naninovel.

The manual is a bit sparse on the topic but you can integrate most assets via Bolt's Unit Option Wizard which intelligently exposes C# code as Bolt nodes (like in the case of Dialogue System integration in the link I shared above). Here's the manual entry for it:

First, they say it's fixed but then they come back and say it's only a partial fix yet the ticket is closed? Weird.

That would be great! There are Bolt internal types popping up for search keyword "list" when adding variables in the variable window too.

There's a bunch of stuff that comes up in the fuzzy finder from Ludiq folder right now.

Not sure, I think it wasn't in Play mode.

EDIT: It was also the "new Wait for seconds unit".

Is this a late April fools joke? :D

This started happening when I tried to replace Cooldown with Wait for Seconds unit. It didn't replace it and I couldn't delete it until I restarted Unity.