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> Are you sure other input fields respect it on OSX?

Yep. Unity's built-in text fields respect it, etc.

Note that I'm talking about when you're editing the group name _inside of the graph editor_ and not when editing the group name in the graph inspector, which works fine since its a "normal" text field.

Basically you have to listen for (KeyCode.LeftCommand || KeyCode.RightCommand) + UP/DOWN for page up or page down behavior on macOS, and (KeyCode.LeftCommand || KeyCode.RightCommand) + LEFT/RIGHT for home or end behavior behavior on macOS.

Pressing the home / end / pgup / pgdwn keys on macOS don't generate the same keyboard events as CMD + (some arrow button), so you have to handle macOS explicitly.

I think a callback based solution would dovetail nicely with generic delegate support and etc.

> That seems to imply the performance hit is coming from the graph sidebar, not the maximization itself, do I understand that correctly?

You understand it correctly.

Uh, maybe use this file instead:

Grid Loop.asset

I'm not sure the most recent version was flushed to disk at the time I made this post.

Or maybe they should automatically be graph variables instead...? Or optionally selected...?

Forgot the important deets: Using Bolt 1.4 .NET3 on Unity 2018.1 .NET4.

Apparently logging in while making a post automatically completes the post, so I can't edit this, but the gist is:

I'd like to be able to search for Units via "Vector3.right" or etc, since I frequently know exactly what I want, but navigating there by mouse is a pain.