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Hi Cosmonaut,

This might be because the missing reference is still in the serialized data, but gets skipped as it fails loading.

Even if you look through your graphs, you'd need to "save" the graph without the missing reference for the warning to disappear. However, graphs won't be marked for saving unless they're changed somehow (e.g. just moving any node, then pressing Ctrl+S).

For now, if you don't have any error preventing a graph to load or your gameplay to run, you should be able to safely ignore the warning. 

Hi Guizzin,

If the tools menu doesn't even show up, it means that:

1. Bolt hasn't imported properly from the asset store. Redownload and reimport.


2. Your project doesn't compile, so Bolt cannot load. Fix any compile error in your scripts.

Let me know if you still have issues after these fixes.

Hi ohbado,

Please re-read my last comment. I have created the base architecture for it, but I cannot figure out the proper math. I told you where in the source you can play with the calculations to try to figure a decent solution for your game though.

The fuzzy finder search error is fixed in v.1.2.1 (awaiting review). It is harmless for the moment though.

The other error will be fixed for v.1.2.2.

Hi Cosmonaut!

Interesting suggestion. Unity object types in general are more numerous than MonoBehaviours (they include every component and asset type). A checkbox could be added to Automatically Include All Unity Objects and there could also be a similar one for enums (which are all included by default).

However, I believe this suggestion is more interesting:

Basically, it would scan the files (scripts and DLLs) in your project to only update the ones that have been changed or deleted since the last generation. That would mean a long first generation, but then very fast incremental updates. 

Either way, this is one of the priorities for the 1.2 cycle and I'll definitely implement one or more of these solutions soon.

I think I understand what you mean.

The AOT stubs from state transitions weren't getting properly detected. Fortunately it is an easy 1-line fix and will be included in the next version.