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Please stay respectful, I am being courteous and trying to help. This will be your last warning.

With regards to the issue, as always, I need stack traces, errors or logs to be able to help. I cannot guess what is happening in your project or how to fix it without any information.

Reproduced and reported a bug to Unity.

I'll remove the submenu ("/Bolt/") on OSX in the next release in the mean time. It seems that this is what causes it to fail. Items in the root work normally.


I see. You are using Ludiq.Dependencies.SQLite to run your own game-code SQLite integration. This does not work, because Ludiq.Dependencies.SQLite is only available while in the editor. 

You should use your own SQLite C# wrapper (not the one provided in Bolt) to code with SQLite. The one we use is this one, which you can also import in your own project (copy use this file only)­.

I found a potential cause for this issue from the stack trace provided above and will have it fixed for v.1.4.1b5. Although I was  able to reproduce the stack trace posted above, I was not able to reproduce the reference disappearing.

My repro steps were, in 2018.3.1f1 + Bolt v.1.4.1b4:

  1. Create a UnityScriptableObject class deriving from UnityEngine.ScriptableObject
  2. Create an OdinScriptableObject class deriving from Sirenix.OdinInspector.SerializedScriptableObject
  3. Add [CreateAssetMenu] attributes to them and create one asset for each
  4. Create a new empty game object in an empty scene and add a Variables component
  5. Add one variable pointing to each type of scriptable object
  6. Force an assembly reload either via a code change or entering play mode


I will mark this as fixed for the next beta. Please try the attempted fix and let me know if the issue persists. Feel free to comment again if it does!

Hi Simon,

Just tried in Unity 2018.3.1f1 and I'm not getting the issue. If you had previous Bolt version installed, you can try as the others in this thread to delete it entirely then re-install, it seems to have fixed the issue for them. Alternatively, you can try downloading one of the later betas of v.1.4.1 on our Download page, and see if you have more luck with the new versions.

That's very odd, I just looked at the source and the error you're getting should at least have been rethrown as UnityEditorInternalException, which isn't happening from your stack trace.

I'll try installing 2018.3.1f1 and see if anything changed in this version.


Please provide the stack trace of the error linked to this. The red underline does not give us much information to help you. My guess would be that you have another version of the SQLite .NET wrapper in your project, and therefore the calls are ambiguous. Delete either set of versions from your project and it will compile.

Hi Simon! That's odd, this should have been fixed in v.1.4.0f10. Can you paste the full stack trace of the error?

In the mean time, you can try to reimport and say yes to the prompt when importing Bolt about updating the project: