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Hi Bread,

Unfortunately, lambda expressions and delegates are not available in Bolt 1.

In Bolt 2, currently in Alpha, you could easily use the new delegate units to invoke that Sort.

In Bolt 1, you will need to create a wrapper C# method that does the sorting for you and call that from Bolt.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Inkian,

Indeed, Alpha versions of Unity are not guaranteed to be supported.

My best guess is that Unity moved the Input class to a separate input module that you'd have to add to your Assemblies in the Unit Options Wizard. 

Hi Yuyu,

At the moment, while Bolt 2 is in Alpha, there is no tutorial or recommended workflow.

Make sure you try upgrading only on a copy of your initial Bolt 1 project to avoid corrupting it.

Note that downgrading back to Bolt 1 won't be possible.

Please let me know if you encounter any error, along with the log's stack trace.

Custom type options are stored in the ProjectSettings.asset file for Ludiq.Core. They shouldn't get erased by clearing the library, however, make sure Unity is fully closed before cleaning the library, otherwise the editor can try to reinstate backup copies of assets instantly.

I'll look into the rest of the issue when I get a minute.

Hi Micro_machines,

I can't see why that would be happening from the screenshots. Can you send a small test project to Thanks.

Thanks for checking. I'll look into updating the AOT pre-build process to include used variable types.

Is it the same log/error or is it different now that you ran AOT Pre-Build?

Hi Oliver,

As you pointed out, this is not a "bug" per se, as scene references are unsupported in assets in Unity in general. But I agree that the user should be warned, I'll look into improving that.

I'll have another look. Was there any improvement?