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Hi Roxas! Good questions.

So first off, assigning a macro from script. It's undocumented in the API and not technically officially supported, but you should be able to do it like that (off the top of my head):

var machine = AddComponent<FlowMachine>();

Now, triggering an event that's not registered on the event bus at runtime is also technically undocumented and unsupported, but you could do it with:

var reference = GraphReference.New(macro);
reference.TriggerEventHandler(hook => == EventHooks.Custom, new CustomEventArgs("eventName"), parent => true, true);

Hi Poshih,

Just use the .NET 4.x version of Bolt on the Download page:

Hi Frderick!

Sorry you're experiencing this issue, it's the first time something like this is reported. 

The only thing I can think of that would cause it (in Bolt 1.4, because 2.0 is still unstable so I can't guarantee anything) is that the Unity window would be out of focus when it tries to load. But I'm guessing that's not the case?

Some questions to help me isolate:

  • Does this happen on a blank project?
  • Does this happen every time or just some times?
  • Does this happen with fewer types selected in the Extractor?


That is actually an entirely separate error. Did you change the project at all other than adding the script I suggested?

That is "by-design", or rather just a limitation of the Unity console. We unfortunately can't customize what happens when a user selects or double-clicks a log item in the console, so Unity just opens the associated Bolt source file. 

One thing we're looking into for the future (2.x) is to create our own console window that allows quick-jump to the erroring nodes. It's kind of ridiculous that we have to recreate the console entirely just to have a custom behaviour on click, but it seems like the only way.

Hi Xefier,

Is there any chance this is on a prefab that was created in a version of Unity before nested prefabs? If so, you would need to Reimport the prefab asset to fix the issue (see this section of the Known Issues).

Hi Aftab,

It looks like you're trying to convert a vector to a transform, which can't be done automatically.

Can you post a screenshot of the graph where the error occurs (look for the red node) so we can help you figure out what's wrong?

Hi Matthew,

You could add the ButtonClickedEvent to your custom types:

Then, update/rebuild the unit options and the Invoke unit should appear.

Hi Jiang,

We're still hard at work on Alpha 4. It's one of the biggest alphas yet because it makes a lot of changes to the Bolt core. Unfortunately, there's no workaround to reduce startup time in the mean time. Thank you for your patience!