12. Conclusion

You are now done with this introductory Bolt tutorial. Congratulations! You created the logic for a full platformer game without writing a single line of code.

Here are some suggestions to keep going:

  • Create new levels with more enemies, keys and jump challenges
  • Tinker with the values to get the exact feel you want
  • Add new types of traps that damage or kill the player
  • Polish the game by adding particle effects or audio for damage, projectiles, etc.
  • Explore the Manual to get a feel of all the possibilities Bolt has to offer.

We have only scratched the surface of what Bolt can help you create. Here at Ludiq, we look forward to seeing the games you will come up with. Above all, we hope that you will dare to tinker and explore Bolt and push it to its limits.

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Awesome tutorial - it was a really well written and easy to follow and is a great into to Bolt. Thanks!


Fantastic tutorial.  I've never programmed anything in my life but got the whole thing working in one day, and I pretty much understand all of the elements.  Inspiring to get up and running so quickly.  Thanks for a great tutorial and amazing program!!!

Heres a link to my follow up tutorial for the modifications Ive made myself whilst learning.


My 4 year old daughter could do this tutorial.. GREAT WORK!. Works like a charm. Zero knowledge of code, but know I understand how things work now... this will make more sense once I get my C# certification.

Does anyone know how I would set up a loop with the background?