0. Introduction

Hey, you! Welcome to Bolt! 

In this tutorial you'll be creating a simple platformer game with Unity and Bolt without writing a single line of code. Here's the lesson plan:

  1. Project Setup
  2. Character Controller
  3. Spikes & Death
  4. Level Change
  5. Head-Up Display (HUD)
  6. Doors & Keys
  7. Health & Damage
  8. Enemies & AI
  9. Projectile Attack
  10. Pause Menu
  11. Main Menu
  12. Conclusion

Once finished, the game will look like this:

Because we want to dive straight into Bolt, we'll provide you with a project with all the sprites, scenes and prefabs already there. The only thing you will need to add is the game logic!

All the sprites and assets from the game were downloaded from Kenney Assets and are freely available and redistributable under CC 1.0 license.

Important: This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of Unity and will not cover things unrelated to Bolt such as animations, prefabs, 2D rendering, etc.


Let's get started!

Project Setup

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I hope this message encourages the next person attempting to learn this framework, because of my "POSITIVE" experience with it.

For anyone who is reaching this tutorial for the first time, I have made it to the 4th chapter so far, and everything they have mapped out (instructions, etc) has worked perfectly.

I'm a C#, CPP, PHP developer (not a designer) and it's very difficult for me to grasp how this is working at first until they start getting into "Super Units" which will change the way this Visual Scripting system works entirely (mind-blowing).

If you're thinking about using this for developing your game, the main thought that will go through head is whether or not these Graphs are saving you time. The answer is YES, you are saving a LOT of time. Within 5 minutes you can rig and entire character for Reward, Death, Level Advancement, and eventually talking to a remote server (I think that's in a different Ludiq product).

A waste of time to use Bolt for this purpose. Anyone who wants to make a platformer should use Corgi Engine instead: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/corgi-engine-2d-2-5d-platformer-26617

Corgi is amazing.