Events API

Bolt provides a simple API to trigger custom events from script.

A single method call is needed:

CustomEvent.Trigger(targetGameObject, argument1, argument2, ...)

You can pass as many arguments as you need (or no event at all).

For example, this custom event unit:

Can be triggered with this line of code:

CustomEvent.Trigger(enemy, "Damage", 30);

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is there a way to get all custom events from script?


ok.i got it,i created a list<string> to store all custom event's name,then i can get this variable.

and the custom event can use like System.Action,.

How funny tool! umm~bolt is the best visual script!


Documentation is missing explanation on includes and namespaces. I had to scroll randomly through Discord's #scripting-api to have a hint.

using Ludiq;
public class...

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