PlayMaker (Obsolete)

Chronos integrates with PlayMaker, the popular visual scripting plugin for Unity. The action scripts and example scene are under the Chronos/PlayMaker/ folder.

The actions will be categorized under Chronos for general methods, and Physics [2d] (Chronos) for the equivalents of rigidbody methods.

There is no specific tutorial or documentation for PlayMaker actions as they follow the same naming conventions as regular Chronos methods. The help icon on each action is linked to the documentation page for each method.

Note: PlayMaker support is now considered obsolete and will be removed in version 3.

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Hello, I'm currently looking for a time control asset for Unity and Chronos was on my list. I work heavily with Playmaker and wondered why you're removing support for it from Chronos?

Hi Steve,

Going forward, Ludiq will release its own visual scripting tool with much better integration than PlayMaker.

Rest assured however that the current PlayMaker actions are fully compatible with Chronos 2.x, and that Chronos 3.x will not be released any time soon. In fact, Chronos 2.x is considered production ready, and you wouldn't need to update to 3.x if you absolutely need PlayMaker support.

Excellent. Thanks for your quick reply.

Will the visual scripting tool in v3 work side by side with Playmaker if I have both in the same project?

It's a bit early to tell, but I believe they could work in parallel, yes.