Different time measurements in FixedUpdate

Chronos time measurements (i.e. deltaTime, time) will not return their fixed equivalent (resp. fixedDeltaTime, fixedTime) in the FixedUpdate function, because Chronos cannot guarantee script execution order. However, you can still manually use these measurements.

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Can this not be remedied in Project Settings > Script Execution Order?

Is there a recommended order for the Chronos scripts / can you make Chronos set these automatically?



I thought of it, but it seems impossible, hence this limitation. Unity does not provider a way to adjust script execution order automatically, but with some clever editor hacking I could force-rearrange the user's scripts. However, even if Chronos knew the order, Update and FixedUpdate are intertwined and don't run sequentially, so there wouldn't be a way (as far as I can think of) to automatically know in which loop we are when calling the time measurement from potentially anywhere in the user scripts.

There are assets that set their own script execution order - Rewired and Anima2D for example.

I found that to set a Timeline variable instance in Awake() I have to move Chronos.Timeline before Default TIme.

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