Under Review

Undo doesn't undo moving a node

Keenan Woodall 2 months ago • updated by Lars Steenhoff 1 day ago 5

I'm not sure if this is a missing feature or a bug, but I obsessively tweak the positions of nodes and would love those changes to be able to be undone.

Under Review

It's one of these small bugs that I gave up on fixing after countless hours of trying. Basically, undoing is a little more complicated here because you're undoing an action that occurs over multiple frames (dragging).

I'll keep this issue open, but it's a low priority at the moment.

Gotcha, thanks. And yea that sounds annoying to solve :)

How about you save the last position before the drag and store the last position after the drag?

Then you can just ignore what happened during the drag but go back to the previous known position.

This is odd in that if the feature is implemented it might actually be more annoying; imagine your mind is thinking of the programming logic you want undone, then you discovered you moved nodes around 15 times between logic edits while you fidgeted thinking up logic.

Then you press shift z or something to undo move states and normal undo is nodes :)