Fuzzy Finder: Search within selected category only

Hendré Page 2 months ago • updated by André Ivankio Hauer Ploszaj 4 days ago 5

It would be great if it was possible to search only in the selected category. 

Under Review

Hi Hendré! Welcome to the community :)

That's an interesting suggestion. What would you see in terms of user experience (UX) for this? A checkbox on the fuzzy window? A special character in the search field?


This is a great idea,  a check box maybe at top right of fuzzy would be more obvious for everyone. Like while checked, it'll always search the same folder and it's children. Sounds pretty useful.


Hi, my suggestion is whenever user click or enter a category from fuzzy finder result then type something, it is automatically search keyword in that category. 

If user want to search in all categories, then user must press backspace all the way to the root, or maybe press *ESCAPE* (edit) to reset the fuzzy finder. 

I hope you can understand what I mean. 😀


Ahhh yes, that makes a lot of sense!

Switching this to planned, I'll try to cram it in the v.1.2 cycle.

@Lazlo, sorry did not see your message. I think Gulpi's suggestion makes the most sense!