Make Bolt folder structure portable within project

Oliver 3 months ago • updated by Tim Bayer 2 months ago 3

Hey there, I have a suggestion for a quality of life improvement for Bolt. Most other packages of the same price point already do what I am about to suggest.

When keeping a project organized it is beneficial for plugins to not create several folders in the root project directory. The structure should be: 

  • Bolt

    • Plugins
    • Generated
    • Editor Default Resources
    • Etc

I realize that Editor Default Resources actually can't be anywhere but the root folder, but I know there are workarounds for that. Other packages have figure it out.

There should be no hard-coded paths and I should be able to move Bolt into any sub-folders in my project.

I would really appreciate this improvement and I am sure your user base would as well!

All the best,



I agree with you, and I decidedly tried to keep that to a minimum.

Every folder under Plugins can be moved elsewhere if you wish. Bolt analyzes its root paths based on *.root files located in each module (e.g. Ludiq.Graphs.root, by default under Plugins/Ludiq.Graphs). There is no hard coded path for this.

Editor Default Resources has to be a root folder to be used with EditorGUIUtility, and the only workaround I know for that is to move the assets under a Resources folder. However, if I did that, every icon in that file would be redistributed along with every build, which would add an unnecessary ~10 MiB bloat to all builds. 

Scratch that: reading the Unity manual again, it seems I could maybe place these assets under any Editor/Resources folder that is not at the root. I'll look into it.

The last folder is Generated. I could add an editor preference to the Ludiq framework for generated assets root, under assets, so you could have it point to /Bolt/ or /Ludiq/ if you want. Note that it must remain in a non-first-pass folder (e.g. not under /Editor/ or /Standard Assets/) for everything to work properly. Should be a fairly simple addition.

The roadmap is already pretty filled at the moment, but I've logged this in for v.1.4.


Hey, there!

Perfect, you made my day sir. Thanks for putting up with my quips, I just want the product to be a perfect as possible. I am sure you also do as well!

I keep a folder called "Packages" and separate all asset store plugins in there for all of my projects, so I only really keep packages I can keep organized. I am a little OCD lol. (Aka I like Bolt enough to keep it even though it adds folders)


Was just coming on here to ask for this same thing.  Will be nice to structure things more how we want.