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Here is the current roadmap for Bolt. This topic will be updated along new versions. It outlines my current plan in order to provide transparency in the development process, but note that it might change along the way.

Do not use this thread to discuss the ideas or bugs in the roadmap. Instead, use each associated topic separately (linked in parenthesis #), which allows me to keep better track of the issues.


Support: Documentation Update

The documentation & screenshots will be updated to reflect all the changes since 1.0.

Version 1.2.X: Performance & Stability

  • Isolated scene variables (#658)
  • Fix GUI issues on OSX (#264, #660#276)
  • Fix graph group label not always focusing
  • Fix shift locking axis detection
  • Fix harmless update wizard error (#274)
  • Fix stretchy display in fuzzy finder (#443)
  • Optimize graph window GUI (#541)
  • Optimize unit database generation (#686)
  • Any State (#753)

Version 1.3: Workflow Improvements

  • Deep tweening integration (#209)
  • Approximate string matching (#199)
  • Improve last page of setup wizard
  • Hierarchy icons (#291)
  • Adaptive Rect, Bounds, Ray, Ray2D inspectors (#661)

Support: Scripting API

New manual section to cover how to access variables, trigger events and define basic new units from script.

Version 1.4: Runtime & internal updates

  • Update to .NET 4.6 and require Unity 2017.2+ (#386)
  • Portable folder structure (#610)
  • Fix generated variables asset path
  • Begin soft obsolescence of embed graphs
  • Attributes for serialization refactoring

Version 1.5: Connections

  • Connection control points (#204)
  • Connection redirection (#456)
  • Promote port to variable (#457)
  • Insert unit into control connection (#458)
  • Deactivate control connection (#550)
  • Improve error recovery to preserve unit connections

Version 1.6: Major editor features

  • Convert selection to graph (#201
  • Unit breakpoints (#300)
  • Unit keyboard shortcuts (#202)
  • More options for graph value inputs (#463)
  • Custom event definitions (#251)
  • Edit mode hooks (#281)
  • Maximized Viewport Sidebar
  • Immutable port definition keys


  • Compilation to C# scripts
  • Behaviour Trees
  • OOP encapsulation
  • Integration with Odin serializer
  • Integration with Photon Bolt networking
  • Integration with the new Unity Input System (#210)

Pushed back runtime & internal updates. The quality of life features are pressing for many users and I want to give time to Unity to stabilize .NET 4.6, as it's still fairly prone to crashes.

The setback is that System.Threading will still cause disambiguation issues, but that affects very few users.

Hi, this is a great list! Regarding networking, any chance of integration with UNET or photon(the non bolt one)in the future?

I'm not sure yet, which is why this is marked as research. In an ideal world I'd integrate with UNET, but I found  Unity's built-in networking solution to be so lacking in features and complicated that I don't think it can provide a seamless experience with Bolt's ease of use.

Hello and good day, I'm very interested in your tool, but before I buy it I have just one question, there's any chance to include a BT editor into it?.

Hi Arturo, welcome to the community!

I haven't decided against including a behaviour tree system, and the Bolt architecture is fully able to be expanded for it, however it is a major new feature and I don't think it will happen anywhere in 1.X, as there are many more priorities. You could say it's at a "research" stage.