Custom Event Definitions

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 6 months ago • updated by gamesfan 4 months ago 4

To make custom events less error-prone and better documented, we could introduce the concept of custom event definitions. These would:

  • Be saved as an asset
  • Have a name and description
  • Have a strongly typed list of arguments, like value input/outputs in flow graphs
  • Show up in the fuzzy finder under an Events/Custom subcategory
  • Have two nodes per definition, one for triggering and one for listening

The existing Custom Event node should remain for backwards compatibility, but maybe be renamed to something like "Lambda Event" or "Variadic Event".

Inspired by the discussion here: http://support.ludiq.io/topics/248-macros-vs-methods/#


Additionally, adding a dropdown choice between "Global" and "Instance" could be interesting.

Global events would work like the current custom events, i.e. be triggered on every object that is listening.

Instance events would require an additional game object target input when triggering, and would only trigger on the machines of that object.

that'a a great idea!